Saturday, January 19, 2013

Camo, Flannel, & A Good Time

Good Morning! Well, it's not super early anymore...I had to have my pot of coffee first! Apparently it's "jack hammer Saturday" around my neighborhood...nothing like getting shook out of your bed...#ridic

Something to know about me, I'm very low maintenance when I go "out on the town".  I prefer boots, leggings, and a flannel shirt to anything trendy or flashy...I've joked about wearing my camo pants and a flannel shirt out, just to see the reactions I get, but honestly, two of my favorite can you go wrong??

There for awhile I didn't do a whole lot of fun, going out, activities because Lexington is such a college town, and I just don't have the patience...with that being said, this last year all these really cool places have popped up!  Places that are actually my scene and get me excited to get off the couch on a Saturday and be social!  I've told you about's pretty pretty awesome, but now there are a couple more of my new hangouts I want to share!

1.)  Country Boy Brewing

This little hideout is hands down one of the coolest places in Lex.  And honestly has the best made brews I've ever had...over Christmas, I tried the 3 Ho's. :)  My usual is the Cougar Bait though, it's light and delicious. 

Also, ladies, I'll let you in on a little secret...the guys who hang out there aren't too shabby either...and as a single lady in this town that's not a bad thing! They might not always live in Lexington...but hey we can't get everything we want!

2.)   West Sixth Brewery

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I've only been here once...I've had their beer several times at other places (Willies) but never been to their location. I went Thursday night, and I can definitely say I will be back! This was the coolest place! The inside is beautiful...I didn't take a picture, I need to start taking more, but I get embarrassed. I wonder if people are like, "wow, I remember my first beer". Anyway...a place I recommend!

I'm always so excited to try new places...So have you guys been anywhere neat & new in Lexington you want to share? 


  1. I know what you mean about getting embarrassed while taking pics inside of places :P I love pictures but just get embarrassed about them in general sometime ha

  2. Found you on Sami's linkup..loveee the name of the beer Cougar Bait, that is so funny. Looks like Lexington is a fun town!


  3. LOVE Country Boy. It's perfect! And we've only been to West Sixth twice (I just always forget about it). It's crazy how completely different the two are.

    1. We need to maybe plan a little blogger get together at either place! That would be so fun!!