Monday, January 21, 2013

Cats Win - Free Stickers - Buffalo Mini Sandwiches!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Mine was busy busy busy...but fun fun fun!  (I really need to quit using words in 3s. UGH)  I linked up with Sami & Leeann  again this week! - WOO WOO and it's actually Monday this time!

Saturday was jammed packed with excitement - I went to a baby shower for a one of my best friends growing up.  It's so exciting to get together with old friends and see how their lives are going, meet their kids, it's amazing to see them so happy!  I secretly like baby showers, I think mainly because I like to craft, and I always come up with something super cute.  Please see Exhibit C.  I made a cute little basketish thing (thank you Pinterest) filled with some washcloth lollipops & bath goodies.  I'm kinda embarrassed a bar code is showing in this picture, so please ignore - I put a little card over the front of it. :)

Since I was feeling all Martha like - I decided to bake a cake.  My momma loaned me an awesome recipe book and I found a recipe for Ale-8 pound cake.  You basically use the WHOLE bottle of Ale-8 but then you have a little left for sipping.  It turned out pretty yummy - but I didn't take a picture because it wasn't super beautiful - it kinda stuck to pan.  I had already poured when I read "after you grease the pan add flour".  Poo!

On Saturday night, went with the old friends & new friends to CBB to watch the UK/Auburn game.  Go CATS!  We had a great time, left at halftime, and finished at Harry's with some Buffalo Mini Sandwiches!  WOO! 

What did you do this weekend? Love to hear all your excitement! And don't forget to head over and link up with the other girls! :)

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