Friday, January 18, 2013

High Five For Friday

It's Friday!! Woo!! That means a couple days of staying up a little later, sleeping in, and sipping on coffee...pure perfection! I'm linking up with Lauren today over at From my Grey Desk Blog for a little High Five for Friday!

1.) This has been my motto this week...and I'm making a list and going to check it twice as soon as I start doing those things that scare me...(Don't worry I will NOT be hugging a bird)

2.) Love, love, love the emoticon with all the teeth showing...why is that so darn adorable...and looks so much like me!!

3.) Yes, I have eaten Qdoba three times this week! Naked Veggie Burrito, YUM! Hmmm, make that four...

4.) The Bachelor this season is so much fun! Maybe it's because of the girls I'm watching it with, including Jill and Dana!. Or maybe it's just because Sean is so dreamy! Next week, it's at my friend Deb's house - maybe I'll get some pictures!

5.) West Sixth beers on Thursday night...may have to make this a ritual (and a blog post for Saturday!)

How was your week? Anything exciting - or so unexciting like my emoticon?? haha



  1. I love that motto! And the naked burrito sounds delish. Looks like you've had an awesome week, girl! I'm following you now.

  2. I'm going to try that naked burrito you brought to my house last week!! We can go to the Q for lunch sometime, change it up ;)