Monday, December 17, 2012

Just Being Delightful

Last week was wildy busy...I don't feel like I got a moment to rest (which is my favorite thing in the WORLD). See when I don't rest, I'm not going to be delightful. I was explaining this to my mother, which was like preaching to the choir. She knows me so well...I said, "Mom, I just need to get some sleep or I'm going to have bags under my eyes, fall asleep in my food, and...." before I could finish she threw a "AND GROUCHY" in there. This is true...hence going back to, if you want me to be delightful, I need 8+ hours sleep.

But even while it was hectic - last week was pretty good! I put up my tree at wouldn't think that little tree would do any damage putting it up, well, WRONG, one of those darn ornaments sliced my finger open! Probably could have used stitches, but I made it.

Got my Birchbox in the mail...I love this item...just makes me feel good...I take it out piece by piece and examine. This one was actually a neat one. Came with a mint chocolate fortune cookie. I looked at it for like 5 seconds and inhaled it. Couldn't wait. Too excited, it was yummy. Somehow in the madness ripped the fortune, which normally I would have freaked, that can't be a good sign. But this one said something about "Santa knows you've been naughty". My word - so much for getting some of those to give to my grandmother!

Next, went to Jean Farris with the work crew - always a good time. And it was set up so beautiful for Christmas...could have been romantic...just sayin'. :) As you know this is one of my favorite places to eat! The food is always wonderful, and the wine, wow...I tried the Hell Hound Red, it was awesome! I've been on a red kick anyway here lately...and this name, how could I not try it?!?!

Love my new bracelet from my buddy Laura Beth (see the Arrow bracelet above). It matches my Stella & Dot necklace and I'm in love! She found it at Altar'd State, which has become my favorite store EVER! Went in tonight with a Christmas list...and somehow managed to get out without anything for myself. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. I glanced around at the register and felt my stomach turn a few times. New shipment apparently, because everything was different from Saturday. I want all their clothes...and accessories...and's slightly ridiculous how cool it is. Honestly, the coolest thing about this store is that they are a "cause motivated" store and they give back! You really must check out their website and read their "About Us" section. It's a super inspiring idea!

Lastly, went to my home fry, Deb's house on Saturday evening for a little "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party". From the picture above you can tell Deb (Mrs Claus) won the contest, but I'm think Jill and I looked pretty darn cute. I mean look at Jill's hair, it looks straight out of a shampoo commercial...totally jealous! Next year, I'm not playing it safe....I'm going to go all out...skirt made of garland, yes please!


  1. Found your blog through Brooke's blog crushes post. I have a serious problem with always have my thumbs high in the air for pictures - like all the time. By the looks of your picture - I think we could be great friends :)

    1. Thanks lady for the comment and checking out my blog!! The whole thumbs up thing just makes sense...otherwise what do you do with your hands in pictures?!?! :)