Friday, January 25, 2013

Risky Business - Tales of a Timid Kid

Let me just tell you how happy this new blog has made me!  Every time I get a new comment or a new follower I do this little tap dance (which as I am typing that I am making a face and wondering if I should tell that).  It’s a really cute little dance actually…maybe that can be included in my next post!  It’s also the same dance I do when I get a text from a cute boy…it’s my ultimate “happy dance”.  So thank you to all who have commented & followed me…you are the BEST! 

Lately, I’ve been a bit stressed.  (You’re probably like SHUT UP, TAKE A PILL) I think the reason is simply that I recently turned 30, and somehow the years have flown by.  I realized I’ve lived in Lex Vegas now for 7 years!  And what’s more surprising is that I’ve been in my house now for 3!  I’m majorly afraid of commitment (wow…I admitted it) so this is good stuff!  But, with that, time is flying, and as it does, it’s hard not to look back at your life.

I’ve never been a big risk taker…I live by the rules.  Of course I’ll speed or curse occasionally (just a little white lie), but I’ve never really done anything that’s like “WOW – you go girl”!  For my 30th birthday, I wanted to take a little trip, step out of my comfort zone and do something “risky”.  I didn’t. HA   Now the opportunity has come up to take a trip to LA, alone, to visit a friend.  

I’m not 100% sure why I’m so worried, but I think a little has to do with my Momma, who is also NOT a risk taker.  She still calls me on a snowy morning to see if I made it to work ok.  She’s the best, honestly, but her worry rubs off on me for sure.  So she thinks this is silly…”Go to Nashville” she says…and I reply, “Oh, don’t worry, I am doing that too, in March for the SEC, but this is different”.  And it is. This is me wanting to do something risky and fun and exciting.  This is me wanting to step outside my comfort zone and see things a little differently.  

So my revelation today – be risky, do things that will make you happy…but be safe!  I’ve been walking around pouting waiting for something to make me happy – when actually I am the only one who can make me happy and change my attitude (yes, stole this from a friend).  No one wants to be around the whiny kid…or the stinky kid (and I’ve got that one covered – on to the next).  

 So the moral of the story is…no more stress posts, no more whining, no more being mean to my momma….and….I’m going to LA!


  1. girl, i love to travel! Sometimes I really LOVE to travel by myself. It's very comforting : )But I'm really independent! You'll be completely fine and you'll have teh time of your life.

  2. Traveling alone can be so fun!! Sit at the airport and have a few drinks and pretend to be all chic and important hahaha and people watch! LA is fantastic will have SO much fun!

  3. Ummm why do you say you're the stinky kid? No. Also. Adventure and risk is good for you. No matter what the particular risk is :) Love you!! :)

  4. YAY! That sounds like so much fun! And I am a worry wort too. I didn't used to be; it's increased as I have gotten older. Or maybe I just watch too much Law & Order: SVU. I've never traveled by myself so I understand the apprehension. Just bring lots of stuff with you to keep you entertained. And the people watching should be on-point. :)