Friday, January 11, 2013

Turn That Frown Upside Down...and Get Happy Happy Happy!

Ever get in those moods where you are less than exciting...lately that's where I’ve been…I’m not sure why, but spending the evening on the couch wrapped up in a blanket while reading my new HGTV, Country Living, & Oprah magazines is all I want to do. I just got back to work after a very nice long break, I’m lucky to have the time off I did...and I should be rested and full of energy! So why am I in this so called rut?!?! Last night I tweeted, “I’m on my own nerves tonight…” and I was. There was no reason for me to have this grouchy attitude, and I needed a quick adjustment.

So with that being said, I decided to make a list of things that make me happy.

1.) Josie’s Spicy Burger – best burger in all of Lexington…it’s huge! It’s one of those burgers that you get so full but you want to finish it so you just unbutton your top button of your pants to make more room.

2.) Reading my Bible & learning as much as I can about God...I've been doing the Bible Study that goes along with Crazy Love by Francis Chan - it's pretty much amazing.

3.) Obviously Duck Dynasty makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY – how could it not…Willie is highly adorable, Jase could possibly be my favorite, Si makes my stomach turn knots, Miss Kay would be the ideal mother in law, and Phil pretty much tells it like it is.

4.) May Designs – cutest little notebook – makes taking notes (and making lists) more fun. Thanks Jill - this has helped so much with my blog planning!

5.) Diet Mt. Dew – pretty much kerosene, bad for your teeth, skin, hips, but is sure is good.

6.) Pinterest – no explanation needed pretty much my favorite time waster/reason I’m broke. I will say that this is a killer wreath though...and it was also killer jute all over everything!!

7.) Ruzzle – I hated iPhone games…ever since I lost my Cityville city I have banned these time distracters from my world…until now…I literally get mad if my friends stop playing and make me wait an hour…or minute….

8.) Blogging – This has totally turned into my biggest stress reliever. I can’t always come up with an awesome idea, but when I do, you can pretty much bet you’re going to be rolling in the floor.

9.) Peet’s Coffee – Finally have this stuff in Lex Vegas, thank you coffee gods. I can officially wake up the right way!

10.) Target – makes me so happy when I’m loading up my little basket. I think I’ll take one of these, one of these, one of these….hey if it fits in the basket there is no way you will spend too much, WRONG! How many coffee cups, candles, rugs, trays…does one person need?

11.) Magazines – I have all my magazines separated – HGTV here, Southern Living there, Real Simple…I know I collect too many, but there is just something about opening those pages that give me such a rush.

12.) Can’t stop eating Animal Cookies with frosting and little sprinkles on them…oh my goodness, these are addicting…no need for dinner!

13.) My daily phone call with my mom – I call her every day after work. No matter if I’m mad, sad, happy, grouchy, I am happy I called. She makes everything better!

I'm already in a better mood...what are those little things that just make you happy?


  1. Hooray for a new post!! :) I have loved those Animal Cookies since HIGH SCHOOL. I think I told you, maybe I didnt (?) but Jase is my favorite. Also I've never had Peet's Coffee...fix me one! :P

    1. Jill - you will become obsessed with this's AMAZING!!

  2. Those animal cookies are my fave! And I love Josie's. I'm a Lexington blogger : )

    1. Thanks Brooke! I'll have to check out your blog also! What's your favorite thing at Josies? I need to break away from my usual...haha!

  3. LOVE Duck Dynasty, Target and Pinterest (obviously). I spend way too much at Target. I might as well sign over my paycheck to them. I've never had Peet's coffee; I'll definitely have to try it out!