Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Update: R&R

Another Monday...and actually I'm pretty pumped about this Monday - I hope I will have a good story to tell you tomorrow.  It would be a heck of a lot better if my face wasn't broke out...but hey, that's what happens to all the "30 something" gals right?!?!!?

One reason I like Mondays is that I get to link up with Sami & Leeann! And that I get to share my weekend with you!  I wish I had more excitement to post, but I grounded myself this weekend to get some stuff done around the house...I've been way to "go go go" lately!  I'm one of those people who has to get excited about cleaning, so I went to Target - and did a little update shopping...check out these pillows and lamp shades I bought!

I had way too much fun at Target - which has been kinda the norm as of lately!  I also got a new rug for my front door - which I will be displaying soon - I want to make a wreath to match first!

Sunday, I did movie day with my home fry Deb - we both share this passion for Lifetime movies - we had saved the Casey Anthony movie until we could both watch together...I am not sure what was more disturbing...the whole situation or the fact that we were munching on some serious crap food, sausage balls, m&ms, and Doritos.  Then I came home to my new magazines & nail polish & relaxed the rest of the evening!

So yeah it doesn't sound like that exciting of a weekend...but it was just what I needed to clear my head!  What did you kids do this weekend??  And does anyone else want to start a "Target Rehab" group?? :)


  1. love the pillows!! i too enjoy target ((a little TOO much!!))

  2. I LOVE those Target pillows and that yellow lampshade is so happy! :) I like your nail polish's different than I expected!