Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekend Update: What, it's Tuesday?!?!

Because I'm always a day late and a buck short...I wanted to do my weekend update, but well, it's Tuesday...so we are going to do a little pretend....(even though no one EVER wants a redo of Monday, #yuck).

This weekend was pretty chill...after I got my ark built, I pretty much did nothing...Highlights from the weekend -

I "Heart" new Blake Shelton song!

I'm dying to do some house remodeling...nothing major, but just enough to fix my restlessness! First item of business, these ridiculous bathroom towel racks!

Apparently they are glued on...which means in order to remove them, my whole wall could possibly come down. Maybe something I should leave to the experts, but I have a bad feeling one Friday night it's going to come down!

On Sunday, Jill & I went to Panera to "work on our blogs" - well I was mostly concerned with getting a picture, but I'm so terrible when it comes to someone taking my picture. Where do I put my hands (and why does that even matter), which is my good side (apparently neither)...I was just joking with this one, but Jill snapped, and you know what, it kinda cracks me up!

And lastly, all week and weekend I was stressed (still working on it) but I still am. Feel like there is way too much on my mind - and quite frankly my head is spinning. I found this on Pinterest, and it seemed to be speaking right to me! I really think prayer is the answer, for everything...now I just need to live it!

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  1. Heheh "work on our blogs." We really did a lot of that, huh?! Either way it was a fun time! And btw I like the picture of you even if it is silly! haha

  2. Haha I NEVER know where to put my hands!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

    1. Thanks Leeann - I really like reading all the posts! And have you seen that ecard that says "I wish I was in a gang so I'd know what to do with my hands in pictures". Totally true! :)