Sunday, February 17, 2013

Black Cats, Jalapeno Peppers, & Crazy Dreams

There are some things that I do, that I look back and think, "wow...I'm a strange kid".  I think we all have little habits or little things we do that we scratch our heads and wonder when we started doing this thing...that not only others probably think are weird, but we ourselves think are bananas.  I've noticed a few things this weekend...and of course I'm going to share!

1.) I am so superstitious....I won't tell anyone my dreams before breakfast (and since I don't usually eat breakfast, this is after lunch).  My mom always told me that they would come true if I said them before I'm writing this, I am thinking why in the world haven't I told the ones where I win the lottery, I get that kiss I've been waiting on for 100 years, or where I have a wardrobe that is AMAZING!  I'm also terrified of black cats...when one runs in front of my car I will "X" it out.  By this I mean I make three X's on the windshield.  I have NO IDEA where I came up with this one...but I still do it...and screw up my windows with fingerprints.

2.) My middle name is "spicy" - I love love love spicy food and I always keep jalapeno peppers on hand.  I will put them in anything and everything I fix.  Today, I made chili...cut up three peppers...washed my hands...sat down to eat...and boom - I scratch my eye AND wipe my nose.  Instant pain!  Who does that...this kid...EVERY TIME!

3.)  At the have 4 options to tote around your groceries: a) cart b) basket c)mini-cart (not sure the correct name) d) hands.  It's kinda sad, because I can't accept options b or c.  I will either take the big mac daddy cart (even for a few items) or I'll go in for one item and I'll end up getting 7 and tote them in my arms.  I caught myself today at the grocery looking at a mini cart and literally said to myself "I just don't trust those". 

So yes, I decided to put myself out there and tell you a few other little things that I do that are sorta strange...don't leave me hanging...what are your weird things...

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