Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Don't worry I'm still here - haven't been snatched up by any purse thieves at "the Target"!  It was a busy last week, busy weekend, and this week well, is following suit.  It's all been fun though...Friday, I went with my BFFs to see Luke Bryan!  I'm not sure if you knew or not, but he was there to shake it for us!  We had a great time, good seats, semi ok people sitting beside us, and three great bands! 


Countdown is officially almost less than two days I'll be in sunny, warm, beautiful California! Hanging out with the hottie who owns the other half of this mug!

I honestly think I have spent more on what to take, than on the trip itself. I'm a ball of emotions, I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm going to throw up...I had my friend Deb come help me pack, which was interesting to say the least...she gave me a hard time because I'm more nervous about what to wear on the plane than I am the weekend.  I honestly think I have more v-neck shirts packed than Sean Lowe owns, and let me tell you, that's an awful lot!  I'm not the super fancy type...I dont' know what could give that away, I mean, I heart Willie from Duck Dynasty, I wear camo & flannel, & don't do a lot of makeup (despite what you see in the photo above)...I'm just a normal down to earth country girl!  I've got a couple cute dresses and tops packed though...thanks to The Black Market & Altar'd State...I've kept them in business these past two weeks!

Anyway - I can't wait to get back (well yeah actually I can) but I am anxious to share all the pics with you.  I guarantee there will be all of's always awkward for two people to take a picture, it's either a self portrait or you trust someone with your most prized possession, your phone...ha. 

Well...I can get so off topic, every single time....anyway...wish me luck...


  1. Altar'd State is my home away from home. Don't come peak in my closet because I think I own everything ; ) You will have so much fun!

  2. Ahh! Hope you enjoyed Luke! I waited too long to get tickets. So exciting you're traveling to Cali! Have an awesome time :)

  3. Have a wonderful time in Cali! I'm jealous that you're going somewhere warm! :-)

  4. I'm jealous - California & Luke within several days of each other?! Have a blast in California!

  5. Love you Sare-bear! hope you have a great time in California! I'm thinking of you and missing ya chickie! :)