Friday, February 8, 2013

High Five for Friday: Mental Health Days

High Five for Friday...woo woo!  I actually took a mental health day on Tuesday - have you ever had those days that you know it's in yours (and everyone else's) best interest if you stay in pajamas all day?? 


Well, apparently I'm not so good at sitting still, which is weird...used to be the only thing I was good at.  Since I had to do something I thought 1.) Grocery - it's safe, it's Tuesday, so not Senior Citizens Day SCORE! 2.) Hobby Lobby - because when isn't that a good idea on a mental health day?  3.) Amazon - darn that app!  Way too easy to click "buy".  With all that being said these were the highlights of my week & the results of a day to myself!

one: dream come true in a BOXED SET!!! happy valentines to myself!

two: my amazon shopping trip - could these books be any different?  but I'm so so so excited to read them all - and this may be the perfect weekend to do that!

three: sorry about my picture taking abilities in this photo - but I found this wreath on clearance at Hobby Lobby - and then was thinking of doing something adorable with the bird & burlap...stay tuned...

four: have spent the majority of the week looking for the perfect pair of jeans - trying to break free of my leggings (sad decision) but I think I may need to just have options, ha. I ended up ordering JCrew - keep your fingers crossed!

five: I get to visit my family this weekend - which is way overdue!  It's been since Christmas!!

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