Friday, February 1, 2013

High Five for Friday

This has been the craziest week - we've had snow, severe storms, sunshine, & rain...Now, it's Friday and we are expecting snow again in the morning...and to be honest I'm kinda pumped about it.  A.) It's a weekend and I can sleep in B.) I get to watch it snow from the comfort of my couch (only about 50% comfortable) and my pjs!

1.) Proverbs 3:5-6 was part of my lesson on my Bible App - sometimes it's really hard to let God lead - I needed this reminder this week!

2.) Hair Dryer took a turn for the worst - so what do I do?  Buy a new one and a new curling iron!  Am in LOVE with this curling iron...(please don't judge my self portrait - just the curls)

3.) Snow - Love, love, view on the way to work today - not so hot!

4.) New Girl this week BLEW MY MIND!  I have been waiting for this moment to happen since the beginning of the show!  And it did, and my heart was like the best moment ever!

5.)  Oh yeah, and I got flowers delivered to work...BOOM!  Mr. Target has good taste! In flowers and in me ;)


  1. Ok I have several comments girl haha
    1. we missed at Bachelor night last week ... however
    2. you might be the only person I know who meets a guy at Target and then goes on a date with him lol
    3. your curls look AMAZING in that self pic!! love them!!
    4. Mr. Target sent flowers??? o.m.g. I need to hear the scoop asap.

  2. Because I'm a copycat...
    2. Dana is right about the curls - what did I tell you?! They look awesome :)
    3. I want that Dwight Shrute bobblehead, hehe :)