Tuesday, February 5, 2013

JH + SB = A love for Jim Halpert!

Well...I'm still on this teeter totter with the dating thing...is it fun? is it exciting?  This week I say "no, thank you".  I keep thinking, why can't all guys be like Jim Halpert?

30 Points for a Sense of Humor: the smirk - he gets tickled at himself, loves a good prank, and it quite witty...that's so important - a guy who can laugh at himself & make you laugh
20 points for Good Looks: the height - I'm a tall girl, I want a guy who is taller than me and makes me feel small in his arms. 
20 points for Thoughtfulness: the romantic - if you think about how long he waited for Pam, and all the sweet gestures he did for her, it makes your heart melt.  you can just tell he is fully in love with her and so can everyone else.
20 points for Family Man: the one with Cece's ballet class - even though he couldn't be there he was so excited to see his little girl perform - he even helped her with dance moves...
5 points for Good Posing: thumbs up - pretty sure we're meant to be..
5 points for just being AWESOME: is it really to much to ask to find someone that when your friends ask about your new guy, all you can say is, he's awesome?!?!
Girls, he's got to be out there...my Jim Halbert! The perfect 100 points! :)  I'm curious who your TV crushes are!


  1. Um, Dexter is my tv crush - so what if he's a serial killer?

  2. I love Jim Halpert but I will just drool longingly as you fall into his arms! :P I think the two of you are meant to be! Move over Pammie! :)