Monday, March 25, 2013

Nash Vegas for the SEC

I crossed another thing off my bucket list - went to the SEC.  Well actually I didn't go to any actual games, BUT I went to the town the SEC was in AND I wore blue!  So yes, that counts!  It was honestly one of the best times I've had.  Maybe too much fun...because it took me a week to rest up.

It was so nice to just get away from town (even though the majority of Lexington was there) and be where it was warm enough to wear short sleeves.  I'm known as Dupree to my friends Deb & Donnie...I'm that kid that goes over and just hangs out all day at their house, they make me dinner, they are just super good to me.  So when they asked if I wanted to go to Nashville for SEC weekend, I was totally down!

There's something about Nashville that I just love - I'm not sure exactly what it is - but it is totally my kinda town.  If you haven't been to Puckett's on Church Street, you must & order a Bloody Mary.  Sorta wish I had one of these all days I was there.  I will know better next time.

I also think my favorite bar that we went to was Whiskey Bent - we may have stayed here the majority of the time.  A.) Because it was fun B.) They had John Wall shots C.) Borrowed Blue (a local Kentucky band) played a few times.  Ok, actually they played 3x - and we were there for all three!  Head on over to their page to see when/where they are going to be.  It's kinda  must to see them at some point. 

Oh yeah - and UK played...didn't do so hot...terrible day.  But the sea of blue was still pretty awesome...and I just have a feeling that 2014 will be our year!


  1. I grew up and still live an hour north of Nashville!! I always wanted to live there before I visited Chicago for the first time. Now I can't decide. There IS something about Nashville though and as a UK alum, I need to check out that bar with the John Wall shots! Last time I had one of those was when he was still at UK at Two Keys! :) SO glad you had fun!

  2. I was at the SEC. We totally should have hung out!