Friday, April 5, 2013

High Five for Friday

I'm so glad that today is's going to be a beautiful weekend!  I've linked up with Lauren - From My Grey Desk Blog for High Five for Friday!  Be sure to check out all the links on her page today!  I absolutely love this linkup!


I've been obsessed with the app My Fitness Pal - I'm planning a vaca the end of May and I have 10 pounds to go!  I have been tracking my calories and am so pleased with the results thus far!

Enjoyed a little snack with my college buddy, Laura Beth, at Starbucks on Monday night.  Well it was just supposed to be our "skinny" coffees - but the cutie behind the counter hooked us up!

Ready for some fire pit action this weekend - as the weather is going to be fabulous!

Today is Opening Day at Keeneland - probably the best, most wonderful, thing about living in Lexington!  Too bad I'm stuck in the workplace today :(

Long story short - I'm interested in this guy, he may be the busiest person I know (it's a fact, not something made up) and going on a date with him has been pretty close to not happening.  He was in town last night (not with me) and I wanted to be a little spontaneous, asked him to go find a mini golf course with me (talked about this being a fun date) - and he said he was already in bed.  BUMMER!  The fact that he didn't bounce right up and be down for it was more upsetting than not getting to see him.  Time to focus on the ones now who WILL jump out of bed for that! 

What about you kids?  Have a nice week? Don't forget to visit From My Grey Desk Blog!

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