Monday, April 1, 2013

Home Sweet Home - Weekend Shenanigans

I totally think that a little Sundy Best is the perfect way to sum up an Easter Weekend at my parents.

On Friday - I had the Chevy loaded down, three new albums on iTunes to listen to, windows down, and sunglasses on!  Well, sunglasses on only half the time, they irk me, I honestly really dislike sunglasses, I feel like I can't see...when in reality they help more right?  I downloaded Blake Shelton's new album, along with Kip Moore's (best best best I've heard in a LONG time) and Randy Houser...all three are excellent & definitely "taking back roads" type music.

One of the best feelings is to drive up the hill to my parents and see our little dog waiting on me...she may be one of the sweetest little dogs to ever be.
Friday nights at my parents are pretty laid back - we will eat dinner and catch up and this weekend of course we piled in front of the TV to watch the NCAA tournament.  Now, I will admit - I've never been a huge sports fan...but...even with Kentucky out of this tournament I've enjoyed watching the games and honestly am so interested in learning all I can.  I will admit on Friday night, I was cheering for was a good game, they played super hard but in the end won to Louisville.

 Saturdays usually consist of visiting my grandmother, going for a walk, and eating.  My mom really seems to like to cook & bake.  She always has a cake of some sort baked when I'm there.  Bad, bad, bad, for a new diet.  I don't care how many times I said, "Mom, I'm watching what I eat" she will still say, "Want a piece of cake...pie..."  So so so hard to turn down food...which is why today I feel like I am paying for it - I'm waddling around! ha

We did the whole Easter thing on Saturday this year, which was kinda nice, I got to visit with my grandmother for about 4 hours compared to the normal 1 at most family dinners.   And this left Sunday for church & my gathering of items to head back home.  I always come back with WAY more than I went with.  Food, magazines,'s kinda fun, until you have to unpack!

I love these lazy weekends at home with my family...I'm an only child and very close to my parents.  Even though I'm 30 and have grown up responsibilities, going home makes me feel like a kid again.  I can be lazy, come downstairs with no make up on and hair all a mess in my flannel pajamas, have breakfast made for me.  I don't have to worry about dishes, or bills, or life...I can just be.  And living alone gets lonely at times - it's nice to have someone to chat with and laugh with.  I honestly get a little emotional when I head back to my little house.

There's just something about home...what are some of your favorite memories or things to do when you visit your parents?  Also, linked up with Sami's Shenanigans today! Be sure to go over to her page and check out the rest of us cool kids!!


  1. Is that your parents house in the Meadow Branch picture? I like it :)

    1. Yes ma'am - as you can tell my dad had to cover up the sign to '3'. It used to say 001 in his single days - haha

  2. I'm sad Kentucky isn't playing still, but I am so excited to see how they come back next year! I will admit, I'm a UK fan and I've been cheering for UofL cause they are the Kentucky school. I really hope they win the whole thing.

    Your puppy is adorable, by the way! Glad you had a great weekend!

    1. I hate to say it - but I've been the same way with UofL. In fact, this Hancock kid -shew, he's a hottie and it helps me with my guilt of cheering for them! :)