Thursday, May 2, 2013

Confession - Good for the Soul

I think every now and again, it's healthy to purge those thoughts from your head that maybe no one else knows...maybe the thoughts that honestly no one even cares about but it makes you feel better to say them.  So, that's what I'm going to do...I'm going to confess a few random things to you guys...
I confess that I am super addicted to Cityville – I think the weekend away in the country with no cell service has helped break my addiction, but I’m not super sure yet….I know that there are about 8 crops of corn that haven’t been harvested. EEK

I think big clumps of clover are extremely creepy – I have no idea why but I think it’s so strange that they are always so healthy!

I am addicted to this stupid caramel candy – this weekend I took a bag to my mom because I knew she liked it – she probably had 4 – I had the rest.  I also have a bag at work...It’s hilarious because I keep it in a drawer thinking that will be harder to get to – nope, pretty darn easy!

When I was in college I had a couple scares with Melanoma – I was lucky and the doctor was able to remove all the bad cells.  Being a dumb kid I kept going to the tanning bed, I just loved the way I looked when I had a tan.  I was tan year round – because that’s normal.  Anyway – last year I had another scare, and finally took a hint and canceled my tanning bed membership which I had since I was 22.    I’ve been so proud of myself staying out of it – and wearing sunscreen.  But I still have to admit I love sitting outside at lunch and getting a little red on my arms.  I do not love the tan lines then that you have to even out.

If you follow me on Instagram – you know I have a real problem with curling irons.  I have 4 on my sink that I use regularly and then I have two under my sink in case of an emergency.  So the fact that my hair looks like vomville today is completely ridiculous – I should have this by now! 

And lastly - I confess that I pick some real jerks to date.  I seriously don't understand why one can't just be a normal guy - dates, drives in the country, walks after dinner...or even just being honest and saying what they mean.  Instead they "need you", don't understand why you are so attached after they spill their love for you, or think it's alright to tell you they want to date you - but find out later they are on a dating website telling every other female the same thing.  I bet they are all princesses too, eh?  

Anyway, I have concluded that confession is good for the soul! Thanks for listening!


  1. I pink puffy heart you. That is all :)

  2. Cityville? I must learn more about this. It can be my new candy crush!

    Confessions are always a great thing. But now I want some candy.

    Have a great weekend!