Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sweet Summertime

I think everyone can agree - for the most part - that summer is an awesome time of year!  You can get a nice little tan, sit outside at lunch, leave your windows down...yes, it's a great time of year!

Dating in the summer can also be very fun...you don't have to do the usual, "let's do dinner & a movie" but you can kinda branch out and do out of the ordinary type things.  I've put a list together of my favorite summer dating spots/ideas.

1.) The Drive - In:
Going to the drive-in in Winchester is probably one of my favorite things to do.  I love sitting at the pool all day, getting some sun, then showering - putting on some comfy clothes, grab some snacks & blankets & heading to the drive-in with a cutie!  There's just something romantic about this old fashion way of dating - and you're still seeing a movie - but you're outside!

2.) Porch Sitting:
Being outside is key in the summer - and sitting out on a deck sipping some wine or a cold beer is one of my favorite ways to spend most evenings.  I just like the simplicity of it - and also the conversations that you will have are priceless.  Guitars, bonfires, & mosquito repellent candles are also fun to throw into the mix.

3.) Blood Mary Brunches:
What better way after spending all night on the deck with your adult beverages to keep the fun going than to check out local mom & pop places for a Bloody Mary!  There are so many yummy places to eat around Lexington - Josies is still my #1 - but I'm curious to try out Glenn Creek Brewery...they have a Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar.

4.) Four Wheeling:
Who doesn't love a little "off roading"...if only I had a Jeep - I would be in the Gorge every weekend!

5.) Summer Concert Series Action:

I've been dying to visit Elk Creek Vineyard - they have a Summer Concert Series, Wine Tastings, Clay Shooting Range, & Lodge.  How romantic would that be for a night - and it's kinda like the best of all worlds.

Hope this has inspired some of you to get up and moving this summer - it has me - just got to narrow down the "who" I want to do these things with ;) . 

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