Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting Fit in the Middle of Bikini Season...

Oh hello - I'm not sure if you've missed me, but I'm BACK!  I've taken what seems like a century off blogging - to be honest I was so over myself!  But I'm excited - I have all kinds of things to share!  I've mapped out two weeks worth of ideas, I kinda feel like I'm busting at the seams.  Which is ironic - but that is what this blog post is about.

Yes - I am busting at the seams!  Back at the beginning of Spring I noticed I had lost some weight from the previous year.  Trying all my old "Summerish" clothes on I realized that I was literally sliding them off myself without undoing them.  Turns out, according to MyFitnessPal - I had lost 20 lbs. since October 2011.  I wouldn't say that I hadn't been trying - but I really got into a habit of eating healthier and less food.  It really motivated me to try harder, to actually work to stay this weight or maybe lose a little more.  I logged everything on MyFitnessPal - took long long many mile walks, even did some weights.  Things were going good - I felt good & my clothes were loose.  I even had an excuse to go buy new pants!

Now, I've noticed that I'm a little soft again - heck I've always been somewhat soft but it was more obvious to me.  I had become more comfortable going home after a long day, having dinner, then getting in the bed and going to sleep.  (This was probably about the time I stopped blogging)

Then July enters - which enters new opportunities to get out of the house!  I traveled to Boulder, CO beginning of July for work.  May I just say this was my most favorite work trip ever - and I've been a few decent places in my life.  I just got this urge to get fit, to live healthy, and try new activities.  I've always wanted to be an active person - but honestly it's never been something that was really introduced to me.  My parents aren't super active - even though my dad played sports in High School and College. I've never dated anyone who's way active longer than a month, because well, I don't know their lifestyle.  My friends are very active but they enjoy going to the gym or trying workout classes.  I guess I hadn't found my "active". 

So I started making a list in Boulder - what did I want to start doing... 1.) being outside more 2.) learning new activities i.e. biking, hiking, etc. 3.) buy waders & hiking boots.  Actually the list got super crazy - every five seconds "I'm going to put that on my list".  But it made me think & I got excited to start trying new things...

I've joined a Hiking group - who hasn't met yet - but I'm hoping will soon.  I've asked my friend to show me the ropes of biking - and he doesn't know what he's in for but I'm very grateful he said yes.  I want to start a healthy diet as well - I've actually been reading Skinny Bitch to help give me some ideas.  So far - Skinny Bitch=5, me=0.  HA

The healthy eating habits will be so hard - especially this week as we are finishing up Lexington Restaurant Week, Beyond Grits, and I have several dates with my girlfriends planned to eat some yummy food.  And these darn breweries keep popping up...but I'm willing to try.  I keep telling myself, everything in moderation.  I'm really open to new ideas to get this couch potato up and moving - so please let me know if you have any suggestions!  Also - if you're in the same boat (or couch) I am and want to go try new things, just let me know!  We can start our own hiking group!! :)

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  1. What if we try Yoga at West Sixth one week. That means YOGA (working out) and West Sixth (BEER)!!!!! haha. I've been wanting to try it forever!!!