Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beyond Grits - Best Week EVER

Last week was by far one of the neatest experiences I have had in Lexington in quite some time.  I always like little events or festivals that remind me of what a neat city I live in.  Beyond Grits - was Lexington's own Restaurant Week.  There were over 40 restaurants that participated including some of my all time favorites: Willies, Palmers, Josies...the list goes on.

My cousin and I went a couple places - places that we had already been but their menus looked so good - it was so hard to pass up.  We went to Bangkok house on Saturday night.  Which if you've never been you have to go.  It's my favorite Thai Restaurant in Lexington.  You may be a little confused if you go - it's a diamond in the rough (just keep that in mind). You walk down these little stairs to the basement of this strip mall, there's light though so it's not like super creepy or anything.  The menu included two entrees, an appetizer, and two egg rolls.  We decided to split - Chicken Pad Thai of course - if you like spice you can definitely do "medium spice" - not sure what it means but it's good spiciness.  BUT we did Red Curry "medium spice" - let's just say that there aren't enough Kleenexes in the WORLD for you to be able to handle that.  I like spice - but shew!  But all that food for $25 - amazing deal.

Brittany (my cousin) and I also went to Nick Ryan's Saloon.  I think this is my new favorite restaurant.  I did Shrimp & Grits - got an appetizer & a YUMMY Key Lime Pie.  They sat us on the front porch, the weather was nice, and it was the perfect dinner.  This is just a really neat restaurant to make you feel like you're in the deep south.  Also - if you haven't been to Jefferson Street in awhile you need to check it out because it's definitely one of the neatest streets in Lexington.  So much to can have drinks, dinner, then back for drinks on all the awesome patios on this street.

Last - I gathered up my BFFs - (Deb & Jill) and ventured to ole faithful Jean Farris I actually managed to take some pictures! 

Some of you may remember my old food blog - and you probably realized I never talked bad about any restaurant - it's just not in my nature. ;)  But I will say - out of the three restaurants - Jean Farris was my least favorite meal.  Quite disappointed actually - but the wine and company made it alright! :)

Honestly - I ate so much last week that I've been eating healthy all week.  I even started my Couch to 5K program this past weekend - WOO WOO!  More on that to come...but did you try anything exciting or new for Beyond Grits??

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