Monday, January 20, 2014

I've sat in a "Cube Farm" for over two years.  It's been an adjustment really, not that my office being across from the men's bathroom was so glamorous at my old job. I notice everything - if people cough, I roll my eyes, if people laugh, I roll my eyes, honestly it makes it sound like I'm super hateful.  I'm not 100% in real life, but during my 8am - 5pm stay in my cube I can get a little feisty.  After today's outbreak of what smelled like cooked armpit in the microwave - I've decided to share with you some practices that should be common sense, but you may be overlooking and annoying your coworkers.

#1) Since this is the straw that broke the camel's back, let's talk about what you should/shouldn't make in the microwave that's within the work area.  First off, what a terrible place for a microwave - we have lots of areas throughout the building designed for food prep.  Not ten feet from someone's desk (MINE). Things that are appropriate to heat up: a nice Chicken Noodle Soup, Tomato Soup, a frozen burrito, or oatmeal.  I'll just say - you should NEVER cook something of the fish family OR ANYTHING that smells like armpit.  I think another major concern is not only are you putting this into the air - you are eating it as well.

 #2)  I do sit in the main traffic area and I know that people have to go beside my desk in order to get anywhere.  HOWEVER - to lurk, creep, hover behind someone's desk is completely unacceptable.  I'm a jumpy person, I WILL probably scream, kick, yell, and swing if you sneak up behind me.  Keep that in mind all you shady cakes!

#3) Nail Clipping - I seriously think that some people wait to get to work before they clip their nails.  I swear - we were out of the office for two weeks at Christmas and first day back someone is clipping away.  I know what Santa needs to bring them next year - nail clippers to leave at home.

So those are my Top 3 annoying things that happen in the cube farm.  Maybe I'll come up with some more before next Monday!


  1. I can't stand when someone cooks something in the microwave and doesn't cover their food. It gets everywhere and they don't clean it up! We take turns cleaning the microwave at work and it never fails this happens on my week to clean it!

    1. I should definitely count my lucky stars that I don't have to clean up ours - bless your heart that's terrible!

  2. "Cooked armpit"
    This is my new favorite term!