Thursday, January 9, 2014

While scrolling through my camera roll on my phone- I found lots of pictures that made me smile.  Since I hadn't shared many with you in awhile, I decided this cold Thursday may be the perfect day for that.

Over the weekend my boyfriend (I think I can call him that) asked me to help him do a little home improvement.  So the floor you see above was actually the weekend project - it took us two days to lay it. If you look closely I am sure you can see some of my blood, sweat, and tears that went into it.  I didn't know I was so handy - he's lucky!  The little cuties in the top left corner are his dogs - I absolutely can't get enough of their sweet faces. 

I had a really good birthday & Christmas and got way too many gifts.  Two of my favorites: Stella & Dot ring and West Sixth (local brewery) glasses.  From looking at the picture of my hand you are probably wondering why someone didn't buy me lotion.  #embarrassing

The bottom left picture - my wardrobe for the two weeks I got to work from home.  These are the most comfortable flannel pants in the entire world.  I'm sure that the folks at DQ where I was sitting in the drive thru when I took this picture would completely agree.

And the last three - pictures of my work space.  There's only so much you can do with a cube.  I added a little pen holder, a do it yourself with a sharpie paper clip holder, a new wreath (fancy) and my little bird that Jill got me this year and shuffled around the rest.
So it's your turn, what do you Heart?

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