Wednesday, February 19, 2014

As The World Turns...

There are two types of people (well, for this scenario).  There are those who bounce out of bed, skip to the gym, work out, come home and make breakfast, get ready for work, and still make it to work 10  minutes early.  That person is the one who always looks polished, doesn't need the 3rd cup of coffee, and at 5pm when the quitting bell rings they are the ones who don't bolt out the door - but linger a few minutes on their way to happy hour with their friends.  Their social calendar is always booked on the weekends - with only a few minutes on Sunday night to prepare for the week ahead.  Today, we're not going to talk about this "Wonder Person" who is so full of life....we are going to talk about me.

I'm that person sets my alarm for 6am - I have full intentions of getting up, making coffee, a little breakfast, looking presentable...but then 6:45 rolls around - and damn, I'm going to be late.  I usually will need something in the laundry room - this is on the first floor of my condo - so I run down two flights of stairs, find clean underwear, run back up the stairs, then need to sit, because let's face it, those damn Keebler Elves make some good Frosted Animal Cookies.  When I finally am ready with coffee, purse, computer in hand, I pull away from my house to think..."hmmm did I unplug my curling iron?".  So, I pull back into the house, run up two flights of stairs again, only to realize the curling iron has been unplugged, but wishing it hadn't been, because now my hair looks like utter chaois.  Then of course by this time it's 7:50 - and I have to be at work at 8 (and it's a 20 minute drive).  By the time I actually get to work and unlock all three of my cabinets I'm completely worn out.

I usually work through lunch - not because I'm a dedicated employee, but just because it happens like that. And by 4pm, I am thinking, should I have my 9th cup of coffee for the day or just sit still.  I'm lucky to make it to the door at 5pm - get in my car - check my "look" - oh yeah not good enough to even go by Target on the way home, straight up mess (remember you don't know who you're going to meet there).

I come through the door to my house, throw my bags on the floor, crawl up the stairs (this makes how many times today) and throw on ANYTHING laying in the floor of my bedroom that resembles a.) flannel or b.) fleece.  Then it's dinner time, which is either frozen pizza or Campbell's Tomato Basil Soup (so so so good) and tv.

Let's be honest, I don't like obligations through the week.  I talk to people all day long and at night I just want to lay around and be quiet.  And on Friday nights, might as well go ahead and realize, "it ain't going to happen".  I've always been like that on Fridays, I like to be in my pjs right after work, and not move until Saturday at 8:30am.  And honestly, my weekend isn't full of wild, crazy, super busy, don't have a moment to breathe type situations.

Does this make me boring?  To some, sure.  Am I happy with my life?  Absolutely!  I love that I don't have to be entertained 24/7 and am comfortable being alone.  I'm ok that my idea of fun doesn't consist of things that consume every night of the week for me.When I schedule something with friends or the people I love, it's something I definitely want to do and I enjoy it.  I'm not everyone's cup of tea - I don't want to be.  But the thing about being individuals - is that we are all unique.  We all have our quirks, things we enjoy, things we don't enjoy...but that doesn't make us any less of a person than the Wonder People mentioned above.  The good thing is that those "Wonder People" and then those people like me, the "Wonderful People" are the reason the world keeps on going....


  1. I am not a wonder people, except on the days I have to be in order to teach class or keep my job :P
    To be quite honest with you a frozen pizza sounds wonderful. Beats cooking a meal for more than an hour and it not even tasting like you'd hoped!!! :P

  2. i am not a wonder people. and sometimes i try really hard to do just that. and i just wanna be in my pjs after work and i'm perfectly okay with that!