Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Camp Kisses

Every summer as a kid I looked forward to going to Alabama to Camp McDowell.  My uncle's church sent kids to this camp so he helped me to get in.  I remember at first I was so scared to go - I hadn't been away from home that much and this was all the way in Alabama for a week.  I knew all the kids would be coming from churches around Alabama - they all knew each other - and I would be the outcast.  But turns out, these summers were one of my favorite parts of my childhood.  I loved packing up my trunk that was covered in stickers and heading to Nauvoo for a week of adventure, friends, & staying up late.

Of course, one summer I met a boy, David Bankston.  He was a couple years older than me, and a couple inches shorter.  He had wavy brown hair that just fell in his eyes.  I don't remember the exact minute of meeting him - now I really wish I did, but I do remember our first kiss, outside this chapel - which I swore would be where we would get married.

David & I kept in touch - we'd write letters or give each other a call from time to time.  I remember my Senior Year of High School - a club I was in took a trip to Birmingham for a convention of some sort.  I was so excited to go & even more excited after I talked to David and he agreed to come get me at the hotel and show me some of Birmingham.

A few years later, the world is introduced to Facebook - and once again, I'm reunited with my camp boyfriend.  I loved hearing from him from time to time, he always had a way of making me smile.  I think he just had a bubbly personality that people were drawn to.

Last Thursday, I was scrolling through my Newsfeed on Facebook, I noticed several messages were posted on his wall about "loss" and "sorry to hear this news". My heart broke to learn that David had passed away last Monday, he was only 33 years old.  It's strange that you don't know what an impact people have on your lives until they are no longer in it. I know that I hadn't been around him for 15/16 years - but there's still a part of me that will never ever forget him.  Will miss you...

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