Friday, February 7, 2014

Deep Talks

Awhile back I created a list of the “perfect guy” – qualities I looked for in my partner.  Makes me laugh, laughs at me (hell I’m a hoot), attractive, wants children, etc.  I have 20 things on my list – that’s all, so imagine my surprise when I found someone who literally met 18 of the 20 things on my list.  

The funniest part about it was that a year ago – someone tried to hook me up with him.  Apparently, they thought we would work out and honestly I’d say the fact that because we worked at the same company they thought that would be a winner.  For whatever reason, I think I was dating someone at the time, it never panned out.  Fast forward to a year later – I see him in the halls, and I just know, that’s the kid my friends tried to set me up with.  But since we were never introduced or never even talked  it was a little weird being like “oh hey big boy”.  Another really sad/embarrassing thing – I can tell you every place in the hallway we ran into each other – he just kinda caught my eye.

Out of the blue – I get a message from a sorority sister – she’s friends with the “hall boy” and he wants to find out more about me!  He tracked me down.  He didn’t remember (or maybe know) that we were being set up before.  So we start chatting, going for walks, and he asks me to lunch.  I cancel on him at least 3 times for lunch – I was so so nervous.  But my coworker says to me, “oh was Matlock good on Saturday night?” and it hits me – let’s do this.

Our first date we went to Midway and we ate dinner at Grey Goose on the patio.  Perfect date – I have never enjoyed a conversation so much  and I remember thinking on the way home how bad I wanted to kiss him.  He walked me to my door – and boom, I kissed him.  At that moment I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy.  

Unfortunately, not everything works out as you hope and while people aren’t bad people, they just aren’t good together.  Even typing that makes me sad.  Here’s this guy who makes me roll on the floor laughing, who is completely sexy, and wants the same things out of life that I do, but we also couldn’t be more different.   I really think that dating in your 30s may be the most difficult thing there is – you have two people who are completely set in their ways and it’s just hard to change that.  And to be honest, I feel like time is more precious.  While I don’t want to get married in the first week, I also don’t want to wait til 2 years in to have a toothbrush at his house.

This break up hurt – worse than any of the others actually.  I think I really wanted him to realize what we could be if he would just budge a little. But, he didn’t, and hasn’t…and I’m sure won’t.  It’s time to move on, find something else to distract me, heck - maybe I'll start working out. :-/

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  1. I love you, Sarah Bee. Biggest of big hugs coming through your computer screen.