Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Call Me Betty Crocker!

I get on "kicks" from time to time...I'll go weeks eating tomato soup...not too long ago (ok yesterday) I was on a poptart kick.  There is never a time I've packed a lunch for work that I've been like "woo hoo - I get to eat that today".  But this week, I'm on a kick!  A "get excited about lunch" kinda kick.

I spent the greater part of the weekend trying to find some recipes on Pinterest that sounded yummy. Yesterday I shopped and prepared food almost ALL day.  My lunch today was awesome - and I wanted to share some of the recipes on Pinterest I found that I HIGHLY recommend!

First - I am terrible at eating fruit, it sounds good in theory, but I just am bad at it.  I found this recipe from Southern Bite - and immediately knew I would love it.  Fresh fruit salad with Lime-Honey Dressing - it's super easy - Mint, Lime, Honey...and whatever fruit you want.

From Southern Bite 
Secondly - I love Olive Garden dressing...I searched and searched, and found this recipe on Pinterest from Dessert Now, Dinner Later - so so so much like Olive Garden - Delicious! 

From Dessert Now, Dinner Later
And last - I have had Crescent Dinner Rolls in the fridge for a couple weeks and some apples - BINGO - found this for a yummy dessert on Design, Dining, Diapers.  So easy to make & really would be good with Vanilla Ice Cream!

From Design, Dining, Diapers 

Definitely check out these blogs - you will find some other amazing recipes as well! Happy Cooking!

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  1. Those little apple pie bites look amazing. You'll have to make them soon and share them with me ;)
    Also that fruit salad looks AMAZING!