Thursday, June 26, 2014

BRU Burger Bar - Best on the Block

It's hard not to get your hopes up when you go out on a limb. Whether it be something as minor as asking out the bartender at your local watering hole to as life altering as going out for a promotion.  We all get our hopes up, it's what people do.  The unexpected...oh how exciting. There are so many times these little leaps of faith are simply that, leaps, and unfortunately they can't always go as expected.  So those times when something lives up to expectations, we really need to celebrate those moments.


For me, Bru Burger was one of those things that my hopes have literally been so high for. I could not wait to try this place and have been literally making the plan to go there weekly.  Something always happens and my little plan falls through.  Well not today, today I got my wish and got to eat at this fine establishment.  And thank you Bru Burger for living up to my expectations and allowing me to walk away satisfied, happy, and completely full.

The Patio is AMAZING
The menu is exactly what you would expect.  Burgers, Burgers, Everywhere! There were also a few hidden gems - Jalapeno Mac & Cheese (which will be on my list the next time) and the soft pretzels with this amazing homemade beer cheese (we did try these - 10 points BB).  I don't think I've had such a hard time deciding and with that in mind could be why I ended up with quite a bill.  

I ordered two "snack" burgers.  Basically - this is the burger size to get for lunch, just one though, I had WAY too much food.  I tried an All - American, because even though it's pretty simple, it says a lot.  And a spicier Blazing Saddles which unfortunately I was too full to eat and brought it home for a treat tomorrow.  I was extremely pleased with my burger and honestly am pretty pumped I have a surprise for tomorrow.  I can't pass up homemade onion rings either - so I ordered a side of those as well.  They were this little beer battered taste of heaven that were also a win win!  

I'm a huge fan of sauces - HUGE - so I really like the fact that Bru Burger makes ALL of their sauces in house.  Move over Heinz because they are making some killer sauces that make the perfect pairing to their juicy, fresh, hamburgers.  Oh and did I mention that they have 16 beers on tap?  I think that's right?!  I only have listened because it's not really a good idea to get sloshed at lunch with your boss.

Definitely would recommend checking out this spot - but again - keep in mind "snack" size are "normal" size! Two would probably put you over the edge for lunch!

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  1. Now, I don't eat meat, but I'm a HUGE fan of onion rings. And beer battered? Sign me up! Sounds like a great place.

    1. It was tasty! Think that they are a chain - be on the look out for one!! :)

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