Monday, June 30, 2014

My Adventures In Dog Sitting

I'm the unattached girl on the block so my friends have me walk their dogs when they are out of town, feed their fish, babysit, and I've even "cat sit" a couple times.  I love helping my friends out, they are like family, and I would literally give them the shirt off my back. (That sounds a little creepy - but you get the idea).  This weekend, one of my best friends went into the hospital to welcome a handsome little baby boy into the world. This isn't her first child, she has another one at home. A furry one. One name Kato.

This leads me to this post...

Dogs.  I don't get them. I guess it's probably because I didn't really grow up around them.  We had a dog for a minute when I was a kid - but he stayed at my dad's.  We had a lot of cats. I get them.  They just lay around and are pretty independent.  I like that.  I'm not saying I dislike dogs, I'm just a little confused what to do with them.

This weekend, Kato and I spent some quality time together! This isn't my first time hanging out with Kato, we've been on several small "dates", if you will.  This was a big step in our relationship though - an overnighter!  Since the only person I really talk to when I'm home is myself, this was a huge adjustment.  Was he having a good time, did he want something to eat, did he need to go for a walk...all these questions were worrying me.  He's not very good at communication - kinda just sits and stares.  I pretty much think I talked his little ears off - he crawled under a blanket on the couch.

But then, I decide to move, need to get up and put some dishes away.  Love his little heart, he was under my feet the whole time.  The vacuum, was NOT his best friend.  He was terrified.  He has to find just the right spot to go to the bathroom, and it's off the sidewalk where the leash won't stretch, so there I go, in my flip flops through wet grass.

After being at the pool for a few hours, I decide I want to come in, shower, put on my comfy pjs.  Just a few hours of peace and quiet - but then boom - come out of the shower to a peeping Tom!  It's funny - you have absolutely no privacy, he wanted to be in every room that I was in.  Before I decide to turn in for the night, I "let him out" one more time.  Left the lights off, because well I was wearing my tacky flower pjs, and I thought I could let him out fast without drawing attention to me.  Wrong.  As soon as I opened the door - he let out about 8 big barks alerting all the neighbors "Sarah is out here in her worst pjs, no bra, and hair a mess - oh yeah and she's single 'go figure'..." I don't think I've ever been more embarrassed - the whole neighborhood was out walking their dogs at this time.

While it's been a bit of a challenge having something living and breathing at my house besides me, I do think he's kinda cute.  I don't get him, he probably doesn't get me either.  Hopefully, when he comes again he thinks "yay, I get to go to my cool Aunt Sarah's again"!

And to close out...I'll leave you with some pictures of this handsome fella - because hey, if you have a dog, you're supposed to take a LOT of pictures right?

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  1. If you're going to watch me Aunt Sarah, I'm going to watch you! :P