Monday, July 14, 2014

I Get Excited For Beer Battered Shrimp @ Smithtown Seafood

This shouldn't be a killer surprise or anything - especially if you've seen me in my bathing suit, but I love fried food.  Mostly fried seafood - does that mean I'm not actually a fan of seafood if I want it fried??  Hmm, I'm now pondering this.  But anyway - I like it.  I really like fried shrimp and being in this lovely landlocked state that we are in, it's not something you get a lot.  I mean, sure, you can go through the drive thru at Long Johns (which I'm not 100% opposed to) but it's not something even if you do see it on a menu you think, "yep bet this is fresh". Poor Lexington.  Didn't get it. Until the good folks at Smithtown Seafood came along!

First smart idea they had was teaming up beside West Sixth (which is one of my four favorite breweries).  I love that West Sixth is 100% suitable for kids - I know you probably fell out of your seats because you're thinking, 'isn't she single' - but one of my BFFs has the cutest little girl and it's nice that she can tag along for dinner with us and not be like Sweet Home Alabama "you have a a bar....".

Second, it's fresh!  It's local!! You can actually see where your food is coming from - which in this case, is a huge plus. 

I do hate that I've been here and the only thing I've gotten is beer battered shrimp, maybe I'll branch out, but it's so good - and if it ain't broke don't fix it!  I do also get the fried banana peppers.  I mean that was my thing as a kid, my parents love them, so in turn, I do as well.  Actually I'm a liar - I've also had their beer cheese. 

I honestly, just can't say enough about Smithtown Seafood.  No, wait, I more plus, they serve Crank & Boom ice cream - have you had this?  And if no, why NOT?!?!

So that's my spill - if you go & I happen to be creepin' it up (like I do once a week) - say hi!  I'd love to chat with some people who love supporting local products as much as me.  Also, maybe if you don't get the beer battered shrimp, I could try some of yours...

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