Thursday, July 10, 2014

Skip Red, White, & Boom - Have Yourself A Taco Instead

Mexican food makes me happy - I love it.  And actually I think I could eat it for every meal.  The spicier the better, "I ain't skeered".  We probably all have "our place", the place we go on the regular, the place we trust, the place they know us by name.  I did have a place like that, until one night, when I wasn't looking for anymore food choices, I may have fallen in love.

That's right, I began cheating on my local Mexican joint when I found El Habanero Loko.  They showed up one night at Country Boy, I wasn't even the least bit hungry, but after seeing their tacos - I ordered three.  I mean, you know me, I don't have to be hungry to eat.  Since then, when they had their food truck, they've opened a new restaurant downtown!  This is awesome, because you don't have to scope out all the local breweries to see where they will be.  You can just go!  I mean I still scope out the breweries, but I have a full belly when I do now.

Last weekend, my homeslice Deb and I went to order up an early dinner before heading off to Red, White, & Boom.  This is a slight sidetrack - but Red, White, & Boom, was not my favorite - way too old.  And what happened, when did these little shorts, that both the tops of and the bottoms of come slightly under your belly button become cool?  I guess when I became old.  But still, girls, cover that up, respect yourself. Respect my old eyes...nobody wants to see that!

Back to El Habanero Loko.  First, let me tell you how nice these people are.  You feel like they really care if you have something to drink or if you're happy and have enough chips.  We ordered chips & salsa, cheese dip and tacos.  I had steak, Deb had chicken.  And again - they did not disappoint.  At all.  Three tacos doesn't seem like a lot - but I didn't even snack that night because I was so satisfied with my dinner. Everything is 100% fresh, clean, friendly.  If you haven't been here - it's a must! One recommendation - go when you have some time - don't expect to get in a hurry.  That will make your experience not near as fun - sip on a cold one and order the cheese dip!  :)

Mexican Food, RWB, & Selfies = Nothing Better

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  1. Well, now that I have a craving for tacos...when are we going here?!

    1. Deb's favorite place - all you have to is say when, and you'll have us both to entertain you!