Wednesday, August 20, 2014

All It Takes Is - Aluminum Foil & KY Proud Goodies

When he walks in the door with a roll of aluminum foil, my heart skipped beats. I think I've been out of it for like 100 months now! How incredibly thoughtful and dare I say adorable?!  A little later in the evening, he says, I can't wait any longer - I have a surprise for you.  And here I thought I had already hit the jackpot - I mean a man that is just plain aware, that's like so rare.  Can you imagine how surprised/shocked/elated I was when I opened up this little beauty?? ( Now, I know why he pushed me to get out of Meg C's booth at the Woodland Art Fair!)

So let me tell you about this necklace, Meg C Jewelry designed this little gem and will occasionally have 25 to sell on Kentucky For Kentucky at a certain time.  Last Friday, they added these to the store, and they are already sold out!  I am one of the lucky few who has one!  I'm lucky because, well, 1.) this is such a beautiful necklace, unique, fun, KY Proud - and 2.) because someone cares enough about me to know that this would literally light my whole month on fire with happiness!  If you get a chance, check out Meg C's gallery - you'll be blown away by the talent!

And I also recommend keeping a close eye on the products on the Kentucky For Kentucky site - I actually look like every day and find some awesome goodies!

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  1. Aluminum foil...who knew?! :)
    I like your shirt in that pic too! Happy for you and your necklace!