Monday, August 18, 2014

Love Sleep - Maybe Winchell's More!

Writing a blog post takes a lot for me.  I have to feel inspired - which sounds completely ridiculous since none of my posts are these great intellectual life changing topics.  I write about food, good times, things that I find interesting.  It's actually kinda embarrassing that I can't churn these out more often.

So why am I writing today?  I feel happy, I had a good weekend, tried something new...and I just want to share it.

Basically I love my sleep.  Love.  On Saturdays, even though my normal wake up time is 830 - it's just nice. But you want me to tell you what is better than sleep?  Winchell's breakfast and Bloody Marys!
I have to be honest - I've never been to Winchell's - I'm kinda embarrassed, but I've always heard really good things.  So basically - we went to watch Manchester United - the goal was to be sitting at the table, sipping some coffee when it came on at 730 - that's AM btw.  Unfortunately for us, they didn't open til 8. But as soon as they opened we grabbed a seat at the bar with a great view of the TV.  Immediately the bartender came over to us - "Bloody Marys?" - HECK YES!  

After about an hour there, it was time to grab some food.  You know my fascination with grits, so I got Jalapeno Cheese Grits, Bacon, and some toast (with Apple Butter). My partner in crime - bacon & potatoes - so nothing really amazing to report there! :)  I know we didn't branch out a whole lot - but I absolutely loved the grits, the Bloody Marys, and the service.  I literally want to roll out of bed EVERY Saturday now to have breakfast and hang with the regulars. If you've never been, you need to go.  I promise you won't be disappointed! 

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  1. Well clearly I cannot enjoy a Bloody Mary with you, but I'll happily partake in some breakfast! Yum! :) I can be your DD ;)

    1. You'll love it - we definitely need to make a plan soon!