Sunday, March 22, 2015

And so it begins - My Journey with Advocare

Well we definitely had one heck of a winter in Kentucky this year. I worked from home maybe in total two weeks because the weather was just too bad to get out. I got really good at making soups - good hearty soups, with LOTS of cheese. I think I made a chicken tortilla soup one week and a potato soup the next - pretty much the same thing - one block of Velveeta. They were good though and if you're lucky I may even post the recipe some time. BUT, I gained some pounds. I can't blame it all on the weather, I've gotten "fappy" in my relationship (fat and happy). 

It was March 7 I realized I needed a change. I was laying in bed scrolling through Instagram and saw someone who used to be on the Bachelor mention Advocare. Curious, I googled it. The 24 day challenge seemed pretty easy - eating healthy with the help of the Advocare products. I didn't think twice, I went to Order Now - chose a Coach - and decided it was time to get healthy!

My Advocare challenge wasn't going to arrive until Thursday, but I decided to get a head start on the diet part on that Monday. Sunday I planned out my meals, went to the grocery, and loaded my cart with fruits, veggies, and lean meats. Those first days before the challenge arrived, I stuck to the plan. I did have one moment of weakness on Tuesday of that week, I found Mambas in my purse (btw these are amazing fruit chews) I had two. One thing I had to give up for this challenge was coffee and alcohol. I haven't missed either - the Spark drink is amazing and honestly I don't feel like I'll go back to coffee except on special occasions!

After getting the challenge in the mail - I would definitely suggest dividing out eat day into Ziploc bags. It gives you a visual of what you have to accomplish. 

So...I just finished the Cleanse yesterday - starting the Max phase today. I'm a little shy to show before and after photos, but I will tell you - after ten days on the cleanse, I've lost 7.5 pounds just on the cleanse and total of inches that went bye bye - 9.5. Until yesterday the cleanse part of the challenge was great - yesterday I had a touch of a cold and literally nothing could make me happy. (Except the UK win - GO CATS) 

Today I start the Max Phase - I'm ready! I ordered another box of Spark (Fruit Punch) and Oasis. My Coach told me that it was so yummy and a great way to end the day and unwind - since I can't have a my usual glass of wine. I am so excited to have this while watching the Walking Dead tonight as a treat! 

Advocare has really been a great thing for me - I'm so excited to see how the next 14 days go! If you're looking for something to just give you that help you need, I would definitely recommend this. Have any of you had success with Advocare? I would love to hear your stories! :)

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