Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kentucky Y'all

Someone recently asked me the question, "You've lived in Kentucky your whole life?" - and I said "Yes Ma'am, I'm definitely a Kentucky girl through and through".  I'm really not a Kentucky girl in the ways one would think. Take for example University of Kentucky basketball, the Wildcats. I like them, wish them well, watch them (my boyfriend and his mom bleed blue), but I don't own more than three Kentucky shirts. I don't even know who plays other than the twins and I think they decided to go to the NBA, so there goes that.

Let's talk Bourbon, I wasn't a fan until recently, and I'm still on the fence. I tried it with Ale-8 at our friend's wedding, it didn't seem so bad. But if I had the choice - Ale-8 with/without bourbon, I'll take mine without please. I'm not really into horses either. And I'm not sure I could tell you the difference between blue grass or green or crab grass. And KFC - yuck!!

But I am a Kentucky girl through and through, I love my state - I love the beauty of hills, how there is that attempt of seasons changing here.

I love how that comment "do you all wear shoes" has slowly died down, because now we're getting good publicity for breweries that are popping up, rock climbing. the outdoors, and local businesses that are truly unique. I love that I have a southern drawl/twang/accent.

 I also love my city. Lexington has changed so much in the ten years that I've lived here. Wow - as I am writing this I realized that I moved to Lexington exactly ten years ago this month. Time really does fly by.

The restaurant scene in Lexington has truly grown, we are much much more than chain restaurants. Farmer's Markets have expanded from only downtown to Southland Drive, Harrodsburg Road, and Hamburg.  The "go local" fad seems to have developed into more than a fad, it's more a way of life. So many artists are getting in on this action, with the wide range of Kentucky t-shirts, car stickers and jewelry.
I'd say Kentucky is doing well for itself. I'm proud to be born and raised here, and I'm glad to call this home.


  1. I love this post! Your writer voice is so funny, sweet, and genuine--just like you!